Cocina criolla by Carmen Valldejuli

Cocina criolla

Book Title: Cocina criolla

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 0882894293

Release Date: 1983-03-31

Author: Carmen Valldejuli

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Carmen Valldejuli with Cocina criolla

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"The foremost authority on Puerto Rican cooking is a silver haired, stylish, and warmly hospitable woman named Carmen Aboy Valldejuli . . . [her books] are considered today to be the definitive books on island cooking."
-New York Times

Written entirely in Spanish, Cocina Criolla, the standard reference work on traditional Puerto Rican cooking, is in its 68th priniting and has special appeal to those who enjoy the island's cuisine.

In addition to offering hundreds of delicious recipes, Cocina Criolla includes advice for the inexperienced cook that ranges from suggestions about the most efficient way to read a recipe to suggestions about what kitchen equipment every cook should have.

Cocina Criolla no puede compararse con la generalidad de los libros de cocina. En muchos puntos difiere grandemente de �stos. Pero por su encaje perfecto en la necesidad actual de literatura culinaria pr�ctica y �til y por la forma detallada y caracter�stica de sus rectas es, de por s�, �nico en su clase.

Cocina Criolla solucionar� muchas problemas dom�sticos y por lo tanto, est� llamad a ser un libro indespensable en el hogar.

The English edition of this book, Puerto Rican Cookery, is in its 36th printing with more than 167,000 copies in print and is also available from Pelican.